Greeting Cards

A great way to connect

Greeting CardsEven with the convenience of email, the instant gratification of a text, and staying in touch through social media, is there anything better than receiving a greeting card?  Something you can touch, read over and over again, and keep on your mantel or desk for weeks until you tuck it away in that box of special memories.  Give someone a little piece of art that reminds you of them.  They will be thrilled!

Transformed Images:

My original line of greeting cards using the transformed images is named HereSay because I had this vision of handing out cards to people and saying, “Here – Say something beautiful to someone.”    We all love receiving a card and knowing someone was thinking of us!  All cards are blank so you can personalize your message.  They are printed on a softly metallic card stock which brings out the intense colors of the image, but is still easy to write on when you open them.  The original photographic image is included as a small thumbnail image on the back of the card.  (Everyone loves seeing how the image has been transformed!)  These can be used for any occasion – just pick the image you like and add your personal note for a very special greeting.

A Slice of Art  is a card line that also uses my transformed images, but instead of seeing the full image, it gives you that special detail, a “slice” of the original image, that called out for special attention.  I combine them with some of my favorite quotes to inspire, motivate, or maybe just help you send a thoughtful hello to someone.  The full transformed image is included as a thumbnail on the back of the card.  These cards are also printed on card stock with just a hint of a metallic finish which makes them really elegant and unique.


I have studied and taught numerology for 30 years, finding it an amazingly interesting science and a very powerful tool of self-discovery.  This line of Numerology greeting cards grew out of my passion for sharing this amazing subject.  They are quite the departure from my transformed images, as I designed them with a simple black and white look in order to keep the focus on the information.  These cards are printed on a weighty card stock with a beautiful glossy finish.

All greeting cards are 5″x7″ and can be purchased individually or in sets.